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Safe Rooms

An increasing number of homeowners are looking to homebuilders and concrete contractors to build safe rooms to protect their families from the high winds of tornadoes and hurricanes. Though homes with basements offer good protection against high winds and flying debris, some strong tornadoes have resulted in loss of floor framing, collapse of basement walls, and death and injuries to individuals seeking shelter in the basement. Basements are a good location to add a safe room, however it is not as accessible for handicapped or physically challenged individuals. Our safe rooms can be built detached or incorporated into the design of a home. Above ground shelters offer easy access for all ages and anyone with special needs.

Texas Tech researchers collaborated with FEMA on the development of safe rooms, drawing on 25 years of field research. Their work has included studies of the performance of buildings following dozens of tornadoes throughout the United States and laboratory testing on the performance of building materials and systems when impacted by airborne debris. These shelters are designed to provide near absolute protection to you and your family from the high winds expected during tornadoes and hurricanes and from associated flying debris, such as wood studs, that tornadoes and hurricanes usually create.

Properly constructed concrete safe rooms will withstand up to an F5 tornado. Living proof: May 3, 1999 Del City, Oklahoma - this master bedroom closet, a concrete safe room, protected the owner and her family from an F5 tornado with winds in excess of 260mph.