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Premier Concrete Construction Services for
Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, and Southwest Missouri

Concrete Homes and Underground Homes

Our years of experience in concrete foundations, basements, and excavation have led us to broaden our services to include complete home construction. Taylor Concrete Construction, in our commitment to being leaders in concrete construction technology, has built above grade concrete homes as well as underground homes. All interior and exterior walls, floors and, in some case, stairs can be poured at one time, thereby creating a monolithic unitized structure which is virtually impervious to air infiltration. Additionally, this type of construction provides huge benefits in safety, maintenance and noise reduction.

One might think that all this concrete produces a cold and drab environment, however the finished product reveals nothing more than what one would see in conventional stick built home construction and provides a living environment equaled by none.

  • Less construction time
  • Adaptable to cold weather construction
  • Can be used in any home design
  • Cost competitive with concrete block
  • Stricter building codes recognize higher performance of solid concrete
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Strength and storm resistance
  • Low maintenance and durability